Executive Car & Taxi News From The Chauffeur Group

  • How’s the new M3 ‘Smart’ Motorway for you?

      On Friday 30th June, The Highways Agency officially opened the M3 in Surrey & Hampshire as a new, four-lane ‘Smart’ motorway – between junction 4a for Farnborough and junction 2 for the M25 – two & a half years since the start of this major road project & at an estimated cost of £174 […]

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  • Chauffeur Group Driving Instructor Praised by Lewis Hamilton

    Lewis Hamilton Praises The Chauffeur Group driver trainer

    “It was one of the coolest battles I’ve seen” said Hamilton after watching the race following his qualifying for the Singapore Grand Prix. He was referring to the close battle between the victorious Ollie Hancock and Michael Lyons in the Historic F1 race which was part of the Grand Prix weekend. Ollie Hancock has had […]

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  • Wi-Fi Calling in Car Chauffeur Group

    Goodnight from Mercedes to Moscow

    When we inform our passengers that they are able to connect to the internet using the 4G Wi-Fi device installed in our cars, they usually log-on to check their emails, but not on this occasion. One of our drivers recently greeted a business woman from Russia and after being informed that there was free access […]

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