Executive Car & Taxi News From The Chauffeur Group

  • Wi-Fi Calling in Car Chauffeur Group

    Goodnight from Mercedes to Moscow

    When we inform our passengers that they are able to connect to the internet using the 4G Wi-Fi device installed in our cars, they usually log-on to check their emails, but not on this occasion. One of our drivers recently greeted a business woman from Russia and after being informed that there was free access […]

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  • Trust the Chauffeur Group

    If it absolutely has to get there on time, who do you trust? We don’t just transfer people, if you have an important or valuable package, document or equipment that needs to be collected or delivered with absolute confidence & discretion, The Chauffeur Group is here to help. In the words of Lorna Manson, Virgin […]

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  • Fear of Flying

    Fear of Flying

    BY MARK BUTTERFIELD, DIRECTOR OF THE CHAUFFEUR GROUP I recently met a fascinating chap by the name of Keith Godfrey at a business meeting. Inevitably I ended up asking him: “So, what do you do?” It turned out he wasn’t the usual solicitor or accountant but a retired British Airways pilot who now spends his […]

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  • Announcing The Chauffeur Group Newsletter

    If you would like to receive “Drive Time”, our free quarterly newsletter, please request this via our Contact Page.

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