Guided tour around London?

Executive Car Tour of London

Recently, Brian (one of our drivers) was waiting at Heathrow to meet his passenger from a flight, when he was approached by an American couple.

You’ll have to imagine the accent but the conversation started with: “Hi there,” and the couple went on to ask Brian for advice on the best way of getting round London’s main tourist attractions.

Brian immediately offered lots of information about guided tours and open-topped buses and recommended one of our own chauffeur-driven tours of London. He ended up giving them a business card and wishing them a pleasant stay.

Brian was curious to know what it was that had attracted the couple to him. He asked why they had approached him when there were so many other drivers and chauffeurs in the same area? Back came the answer:

“Why, it was because you were the smartest and, as it turned out, also extremely helpful.”

Much to Brian’s pleasure, the couple went on to telephone our office later that day and booked a half-day tour of the West End. They had a great time and managed to get a good flavour of what London has to offer.