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About us

Executive Car Service Office Team

Since our inception in 2000, our executive cars have completed journeys with our corporate and private customers covering some forty-five million miles. By the time you read this, we may well have escorted these valued people, to the equivalent distance, of the moon and back!

Our values

Our values, as a company, is that we must provide a reliable, excellent service through high quality vehicles, driven by professional, helpful and friendly drivers. There is so much more to The Chauffeur Group than just a taxi to the airport. Throughout our years of trading in the executive chauffeur car and corporate travel business, we have always worked closely alongside our customers, understanding things from their perspective, in order to deliver business benefits that make a difference.

Some new technology eradicates human interaction, such as driverless cars. Although we embrace change, we also believe there will always be a need for the personal service we are renowned for, particularly for our corporate clients. These clients need to be able to communicate with us and get advice about pick-up times, routes, special requirements and reassurance, particularly when we are transporting their VIP clients or directors.

Heathrow Office Team

Who's behind our operation?

So, our cars provide the comfort, style and luxury that our travellers expect. Our drivers provide the expertise, knowledge and professionalism that we insist on. But what about the team who makes sure that our cars and our drivers are in the right place at the right time? Who are these people in constant contact with our customers, helping build our relationships?

Meet the office team

Chauffeur Operational Team

We thought it was about time we introduced you to this essential part of our business - our office team. This team has experience in abundance, they are driven to provide impeccable customer service every time and are the cog that holds all our elements together.

To meet our office team and find out more about what they do, simply click here.