10 Facts About Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport Transfers Business Travel

Heathrow Airport, a hive of activity

As a company who provide executive car services predominantly to business travellers to and from Heathrow Airport, we are there, many, many times a day! But while we concentrate on our thousands of travellers, ensuring they get to where they need to be on time and in comfort, Heathrow are doing that for millions upon millions of passengers. So we thought we would write this blog to pay homage to our local airport and all it does. Here are 10 facts about Heathrow.

10 Facts about Heathrow Airport

  1. Heathrow Airport sees a massive 75 million passengers through its doors every year, 93% of these are international travellers with the remaining 7% domestic.

  2. Understandably the busiest months of the year are July and August as the holiday travellers increase, seeing passenger traffic peak around 7.4 million each month.

  3. On the reverse, the quietest months are January and February with just over 5 million travellers each month.

  4. The average passengers flying per day are 200,000 with over 1,300 flights.

  5. This makes an average of 70 flights per hour.

  6. Business travellers make up 33% of passengers with the remaining 67% leisure travellers.

  7. Cargo is an important component of all flights and Heathrow Airport is the UK’s largest port.

  8. The most popular routes to and from Heathrow are New York, Dubai, Dublin, Amsterdam and Hong Kong.

  9. There are a total of 81 airlines flying to 204 destinations in 85 countries to and from Heathrow.

  10. Out of the 200,000 passengers travelling in and out of Heathrow every day, 30% of these are in transit and don’t actually leave the airport.

Major plans for Heathrow

There is no doubt that Heathrow is a vital transportation hub and currently operates, pretty much to full capacity via two runways. For the best part of half a century there has been indecision about how and where to add airport capacity in the South East of England and recent plans to add a third runway to Heathrow have actually been approved. Under the current £14bn plan, construction could begin as early as 2021 and the third runway could be operational by 2026.

This will see the figures above rise dramatically.

Do you travel to or from Heathrow?

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