Praise for drivers trainer by Lewis Hamilton

Chauffeur Driver Training Praised

“It was one of the coolest battles I’ve seen” said Lewis Hamilton after watching the race following his qualifying for the Singapore Grand Prix. He was referring to the close battle between the victorious Ollie Hancock and Michael Lyons in the Historic F1 race which was part of the Grand Prix weekend.

Ollie Hancock has had a close association with The Chauffeur Group over many years.

Unlike the skills he demonstrates with podium finishes as a race driver around the world, Ollie emphasises passenger safety and comfort coupled with economic driving skills for The Chauffeur Group’s team of professional drivers.

He has assessed and trained our team over several years, proving informative and enjoyable for all those involved.

At the start of Ollie’s career, Formula One World Champion Damon Hill, OBE, who is President of the British Racing Drivers’ Club, said: “As one of the BRDC’s ’Rising Stars’ he has already set himself apart from the rest and has exhibited the kind of potential which can lead to the very top”.

With track experience in a whole range of formulae including British GT, Le Mans series LMP3 and historic Formula 1 (driving the Emerson Fittipaldi F5A), Ollie has also worked for Mercedes Benz World near Weybridge and like both Lewis Hamilton and The Chauffeur Group, has a strong and ongoing positive association with world class car manufacturer, Mercedes.