When are the M3 Roadworks going to finish?!

M3 Roadworks

They seem to be going on forever, with a 50 mph speed limit in place throughout the length of the works, often adding up to an extra half an hour to the journey time from Basingstoke to Heathrow. It only needs a breakdown or a collision in the roadworks and you can expect even longer delays.

So what are the roadworks for, how long will they take and when will they be finished?

At The Chauffeur Group, we make hundreds of journeys up & down this motorway every week with clients located in town & cities from Southampton right up to London and our travellers are understandably keen to understand what’s going on.

The overall aim is to drive prosperity in the M3 corridor. International infrastructure group Balfour Beatty was awarded a £129 million scheme to upgrade a 13.4 mile stretch of the road through Hampshire and Surrey to a ‘Smart Motorway’.

The upgrade, for the UK Government’s Highways Agency, commenced in January 2015 and is designed to increase capacity, reduce congestion and shorten journey times for the 120,000 motorists who pass through this part of the network every day.

The M3 between Junction 2 (interchange with the M25) and Junction 4a (Fleet) will be upgraded to a four-lane motorway by converting the hard shoulder to a permanent running lane. Electronic signs, operated by a regional control centre, are being installed to manage the flow of traffic in response to driving conditions.

Construction activity includes installing and refurbishing gantries, new static and variable signs, concrete safety barriers, drainage and surfacing works with completion originally scheduled for Spring, 2017.

So what is the current progress and when can we actually expect the works to be complete?

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