Life and Times of an Executive Car

As a company providing impeccable executive car services to our VIP, corporate and private customers, we pride ourselves in the service we provide through our team of friendly, professional drivers. We also only utilise a certain level of vehicle which has to delight our passengers with luxury and comfort. Although the car is material, the object that we travel in, it is also true to say that our drivers have a very special relationship with their cars. This is understandable given they spend all day, every day in them, keeping them clean, enjoying their surroundings and proudly picking up passengers and safely transporting them from A to B.

We thought it was time we wrote a piece as homage to our cars, without them, we would have no business…

A normal day at Heathrow Airport Terminal 5

A normal day at Heathrow Airport Terminal 5

 Meet Alfons

“In Germany Alfons means noble and ready, you can call me Al, of course I’m from Germany, assembled in Stuttgart and shipped to the UK nearly 4 years ago. Where I would end up and who with, I was never told but was very lucky to be delivered to and looked after by Steve, he is a chauffeur and really takes pride in his work. I was part of a fleet of cars like me, E Class Mercedes, most of us were silver but the larger S Class or top of the range models were black.

Steve and I worked for The Chauffeur Group, I was chosen because, at the time, I was considered to be the very best in luxury and comfort while still having an excellent pedigree with regard to the environment. Mercedes diesel engines are very highly regarded in the industry for being economical and I’m told that I am highly recyclable!

Every day was different

Our days were never dull. Some days were planned to perfection and we knew exactly where we needed to be and who we were picking up. Other days were more spontaneous where we would need to alter our route to accommodate any last-minute bookings or to avoid traffic or road works.

We got to keep some rather good company!

We got to keep some rather good company!

My favourite journeys were those that involved Heathrow airport. While we waited, we would sit amongst other vehicles, but I always felt that we stood out from the crowd. My paintwork was always gleaming, my leather seats always clean and comfortable. I loved the way our passengers would feel at ease as soon as we collected them, the stress of travelling soon disappearing as we gently drove away from the terminal to their destination.

Although we completed a lot of airport transfers, we also travelled to corporate events which were always fun with the passengers really excited for the day ahead. We hosted guided tours, showing our passengers around the area, dropping them off for some shopping or to have lunch with friends and family. Christmas parties were fun too, although these meant we would have a bit of a late night!

We even attended some weddings; the people always seemed a little nervous on these days, so we did our best to help them settle and calm their nerves. Steve always knew when to speak to the customer and when to stay quiet. Not everyone wanted to talk, and a lot of our business travellers preferred to work. They always said how useful it was that we had wi-fi!

Our clientele

We transported many people through the years from all over the world. We met Lords and Ladies, footballers, famous movie stars and popular singers but my favourites were those who would specifically ask for us to collect them, this always gave us a sense of pride.

After over three exciting years of carrying our customers from airport to office, home to hotel, Steve broke the news that it was time for me to retire. He said that I had served the company well, but our customers expect a very high level of executive car and that they would need a newer model.

I may have retired but I still get pampered

I may have retired but I still get pampered

Time to retire

I wondered where I would go and what I would do but I needn’t have worried because one of our drivers wanted me to go home with them and become their domestic transport. I’m still kept very clean and have a lovely tidy garage to spend the nights in. Now, I don’t have to travel too many miles, although I miss the exciting days of being an executive car, I understand that I have just clocked 240,000 miles, so it is good to take it easy now!”

Final Note from The Chauffeur Group

As a company who are very particular with the type of vehicles we employ, we never lose sight of how important they are to us, our passengers and in particular, our drivers who spend so many hours in them. Al, during his time with us, effectively travelled around the world an incredible 10 times! Even after all those miles he still looked pristine and will no doubt travel around the world a few more times yet.

The future

We are very aware of the effect our industry has on the environment and sourcing cars which have a lower negative impact on our carbon footprint is a high priority. Although we are renowned for providing Mercedes vehicles throughout our range, we will soon be offering an electric alternative for our environmentally conscious clients as well. More on this soon!