Top Tips When Organising an Office Party

Top Tips When Organising an Office Party

It’s that time of year again! The summer seems a distant memory, holidays have been and gone and we start to turn our focus, for some rather reluctantly, to Christmas. Are you the lucky person to have been chosen to organise this years office party? If so, our top tips on things to consider when putting your party plan together may just be a good place to start.

Set the Date Early

For most people, December is a busy month anyway, so fix the date of the party as early as you can. This means colleagues can book other events around this date and more people are likely to be able to attend. It also gives them something to look forward to.


You need to have a clear idea of what the budget is and what it can include. Is your company subsidising the event, will accommodation be required as well?

Decide on the Venue

Avoid holding the party in your office. Many won’t feel like they have actually left work and holding the party externally will make it feel like more of an event. You will never please everyone, so when choosing the venue, look for convenience. Is it easy to get to? Do hotels within the vicinity have available rooms for anyone staying over?

If you are a smaller office, you may want to consider a venue which is holding parties for other companies also. A larger number of people can bring a better atmosphere and take the pressure off people when socialising with a small number of colleagues.

Feel the Vibe

One of the most important things about choosing a venue is picking up on the atmosphere. How the room makes you feel will influence the mood of the event, so make sure you actually see the venue in person before making any decisions.

Food, Drink and Entertainment

Some venues will offer all you will need for your event. This will make your job far easier as everything will be catered for once your guests arrive. It is worth putting some time in when researching the different venues to compare what is included, make sure you ask for all the different additional options available and relevant pricing.

Venue Reviews

Always check the venues reviews too, these can give you a good idea of the service and quality of the ones you are interested in.

Office Party Transportation

Finding a convenient location will help keep your attendance numbers high. Often holding the event near to where your office is located can be easier as you will know that people will be able to find their way there. Make sure it is as accessible as possible.

Of course, if you want to provide car services for your staff, we would be very happy to help with your office party transportation. We are on hand to take the logistical stress away from you!


This is the fun part, once everything is booked you can send the invitations out and soon you will hear the office talk turn to the office party you have planned. Remember, you will never be able to please everyone with the choices you make, but most will appreciate the effort you have put in and it is important for you to enjoy the event too!