Do You Need Additional Assistance?

Need Additional Assistance

We complete over 60,000 executive car services every year. As we cover major airports such as Heathrow and Gatwick, it is fair to say that the majority of our services are for private and corporate airport transfers for people wanting to travel to and from their destinations in London, South and South East.

Every trip we complete, we take complete duty of care and consideration for every passenger. We offer a Meet and Greet service as standard, our drivers are all highly trained and our vehicles clean and luxurious.

We also understand that some passengers may need more than simple transport to the airport, they may also require additional assistance in transiting through the airport check in and bag drop process. They may need help because:

Older Couple Requiring Assisted Drop Off
  • They are not confident or familiar with the process

  • They are a young person travelling alone

  • They have more luggage than they can manage on their own

  • They are travelling with a baby or young children along with all the paraphernalia plus luggage

  • They have restricted sight or hearing

  • They have a disability, temporary (broken arm/leg) or permanent

  • They are recovering from surgery

  • They’re not confident with their English

For these passengers we can also offer an Assisted Airport Drop Off service. This service will ensure that passengers that need additional assistance will be safely transported to and through the airport to ensure they are able to check in and drop off their luggage without any worries.

Whether you are a passenger, or you know a passenger that requires additional assistance, please get in touch with us and ask about our Assisted Drop Off Service, we will be happy to hear from you.